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      Developing a professional web site that guarantees satisfying the client need of online existence through a slick web presentation always requires functionality and features to present the unique value our client provides to his customers, and it needs special capabilities to offer the full extent of that value via his website; Egyptronix is always proud of providing an attentive web development services that;


O  Deliver a 100% customized web solution with the following features:


ü  Updatable with a full dynamic management system

ü  Extendible for any further upgrades or required external systems

ü  Responsive (mobile friendly) with a modern interface

ü  Multilanguage support for both content and backend system

ü  Product Catalogue

ü  Shopping Cart for direct sale over the internet

ü  Interactive with a complete connection with visitors through live chat

ü  Newsletter System (subscription, auto mailing, lists, e-mail forms, etc.)

ü  Custom Forms (contact, registration, support, careers, etc.)

ü  Blogging System (news, events, announcements, etc.)

ü  Back Up System

ü  Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc.)

ü  Google Maps Integration

ü  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basic structure

ü  Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools



O  Satisfy the company growing content and connections with unlimited hosting services


ü  Unlimited hosting storage

ü  Unlimited Bandwidth

ü  Unlimited Emails                           (Ex: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

ü  Unlimited sub-domains               (Ex:

ü  Unlimited Databases



O  Deliver a complete training to the company specialists on the new platform.

O  Provide ongoing maintenance and technical support



Website Template


Egyptronix will utilize an off the shelf responsive template that compliments the already existing logo and branding of the client. This will reduce costs of not needing to design a custom design, still the produced interface will be uniquebootstrap dependent and styleable.

Web Design Template



Content Management System


Egyptronix has chosen the Joomla CMS as our website development framework of choice. Joomla offers extensive featuresstability, and security. Since the system is open source and freely available, we can maintain an updatable system with less fees possible.

ü  Content Management

ü  Syndication and Newsfeed Management

ü  Menu Manager

ü  Template Management

ü  Integrated Help System

ü  System Features

ü  Web Services

ü  Powerful Extensibility

ü  User Management

ü  Media Manager

ü  Language Manager

ü  Banner Management

ü  Contact Management

ü  Polls

ü  Search

ü  Web Link Management


Using a content management system will allow you to edit existing website pages and content as well as allow the client to create new pages. Joomla CMS is a scalable system which means it can grow with your business needs and be extended as necessary.

Content Management System


Online Product Catalog


Egyptronix offers an integrated clearly arranged product catalog with powerful features showing company products categorized with full details and supports comments, product gallery, reviews, comment system, etc.

  • Product Catalog - Front Page View
  • Online Product Catalog - Category View
  • Online Product Catalog - Single Product View


Shopping Cart System


Egyptronix will be utilizing a shopping cart that is an extension of the Joomla CMS. The Hika Shop Shopping Cart is a cost effective solution and offers stability, security, and many features that will allow for flexibility and future growth.

Basic setup and installation of Hika Shop Shopping Cart

-     Basic shop configurations

-     Store information

-     Tax setup

-     Egyptronix will set up 3 top level categories

-     Egyptronix will set up 6 subcategories (2 subcategories within each top level category)

-     Egyptronix will set up 2 sample products within each subcategory with example images and product content to be used as example guide


Hika Shop Features

Hika Shop offers an extensive list of features as standard to enable shop owners to build a working shopping cart.

Online Shop Features

Review all features@



Online Chat System (Help Desk)

will utilize a full integration between the website and the popular Click Desk system. That will provide a professional help desk system that allow web administrator to see who’s online now on the website and interact with them through a complete live chat system with messages, Google Talk and Skype are included. 

Chat System Features

  • Chat System Live!
  • Support Tickets System
  • Chat System Social Media Linkage
  • Chat System Identification
  • Chat System Reports


Newsletter & Email Marketing System


Egyptronix will provide a complete newsletter subscription & mailing system, depending on popular AcyMailing which is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing system.

AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, compose HTML newsletters and schedule to send them directly from your website to all registered users and subscribers, all features are listed; 

Newsletter System Features

Google Map Integration


The website should have an option to add Google Maps with location and direction indicators on any page of the published content as web admin indicates.

Google Map Integration


Social Media Integration


The website will guarantee a full connectivity options with all social media available through links to company official profiles, gadgets showing mini-profile, direct streaming from social channels and full linkage with the company blog.



Analytics & Reporting


Egyptronix will setup the number one web analytics and reporting tool; Google Analytics to give full updated insights that shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. Joomla 3.3 Templates