World's Most Realiable eLearning System now onCloud

EDURONIX™ LMS is a Learning Management System based on the best LMS in the world Moodle to take your classroom all to the digital world!
We care for technology. So you can care for learning!

eLearning OnCloud

EDURONIX™ LMS is a cloud based learning management platform. Since it is on the cloud, so you do not have to worry about storage, backup and your geographic location.
This means that you can work  everywhere  office,  home, the neighborhood coffee shop and even the airport! Take your school with you wherever you go!

Store with no Limits

Have a lot to share with students? lots of materials, videos or slides?  EDURONIX™ LMS allows you to upload unlimited rich multimedia courses according to your curriculum.
No matter what pricing plan you are on - course uploads are always unlimited!

Your LMS, Your Name

Egyptronix allows you to use your own domain and your logo for your online LMS. And setting up your own domain with EDURONIX™ is very easy, too.
Your students are familiar with your style, your logo and your website link. Your own domain helps you provide a warm, personal experience to your students!

No hustle backs , Save Your Time

EDURONIX™ gives you the right tools to streamline, optimize, automate and control your digital classroom.
Timely reports that make sense, automated backups and updates, customization options to quickly access the features you use the most plus easy payment and collection options save you over 70% of time as compared to a traditional LMS.

Collaborative Learning

EDURONIX™ is not just for a student-teacher broadcast environment. Whether you are a rock-band, a research team or a social-action group, EDURONIX™ can help you collaborate, learn together and achieve as a team.

Piece a Cake!

EDURONIX™ bridges the gap between usefulness and usability!
Moodle is the most efficient LMS platform available but it can also be a tricky one to master!
That's why Egyptronix has worked out Moodle to present a slick user interface and an exciting user experience. Getting started with an LMS was never this easy!

Chat room... for any course at any time!

A classroom that chats together, stays together! Learning is a lot faster and much more fun when the students and teachers get to interact with one another in an informal setting.
That is why EDURONIX™ lets you create instant chat rooms for any of your courses so that you and your students can interact and discuss freely! Feeling chatty already?


No matter how efficient any system may be, the initial few days are the most challenging. And as you dig deep in the system even further and explore more advanced options, you may need some assistance.
That is why our robust customer support team is always ready to take your queries and support your online school every step of the way. Relax, we've got your back!

Custom Grading Scales

EDURONIX™ offers you complete flexibility in creating your own customized grading scales for your courses. As we understand that no two courses can be graded the same way!

Simple but Informative Reports

Most reports generated by online LMSs are so sophisticated that it takes an expert to make sense of them. Not so with EDURONIX™.
Our system provides reports that are easy to interpret, and information displayed in a way it can be deduced to quick action-points. Joomla 3.3 Templates