CRMronix™ Features

Take a look to see what makes CRMronix™ the best CRM available for your business. Enaged with dozens of features, CRMronix is web-based and mobile ready! that means its a full Customer Relations Management in you pocket!

CRMronix™ Benefits


Contacts and leads management is the soul of such a system. CRMronix helps to track, organize and manage them with no complexity at all.

CRMronix Lead Management

1.1 Lead Management

CRMronix leads are easy to add and can be quickly updated. Track and update status, monitor progress, and move leads through stages.

CRMronix Contact Management

1.2 Contact Management

Contacts and relationships managed through CRM can have notes, emails, conversations, files, and all types of events and tasks associated with them.

CRMronix Track Relationships

1.3 Track Relationships

CRMronix does more than just display leads and contacts. CRMronix tracks relationships and helps you maintain an organized business.


Track all of your deals in one place. No more wondering what stage a particular deal is in; know more, win more.

CRMronix Deal Stages

2.1 Deal Stages

Create deal stages to better represent where each currently exists as you move the deal through your sales process. Color code them for quick identification.

CRMronix Deal Sources

2.2 Deal Sources

Use deal sources to understand which marketing methods are most profitable for your business. Create as many sources as you want in the admin panel.

CRMronix Custom Data Tracking

2.3 Custom Data Tracking

Don't limit your information you collect on your deals. Create custom fields to track all the data you require to better manage and win your deals.


CRMronix focuses on usability, it provides a lean, efficient CRM with no complexity.

CRMronix Deal Stages

3.1 Sales Pipeline Report

CrMronix provides information regarding all deals currently in an active state within the system. Easily sea your total company value.

CRMronix Deal Sources

3.2 Dashboard Snapshot

Login to your dashboard and see a snpshot of your pipeline and all the deals organized by thier stage in an single convenient location.

CRMronix Filter Pipelines

3.3 Filtered Pipelines

If you need more detailed pipeline information you can create filtered pipeline reports for specific fields and associated revenues.


CRMronix provides a User Management System with simple, pwoerful roles to keep maximum effeciency with no headache.

CRMronix Joomla ACL

4.1 Joomla ACL

CRMronix integrates with the Joomla! ACL and user management. Your users are authonticated and controlled using the standard Joomla login method.

CRMronix CRM User Groups

4.2 CRM User Groups

CRMronix provides three groups to organize your CRM users into. Easily manageme teams of users and excutive level accounts, directly within the CRM admin.

CRMronix Sharing Information

4.3 Sharing Information

CRMronix offers the ability to share leads, contacts, and deals between users. You can selectively allow the sharing of specific items with others.


CRMronix always improves efficiency by avoiding repetition and removing redundancy to avoid confusion. Organized contacts and leads with the ability to share them with the appropriate teams.

CRMronix Managers

5.1 Managers

CRMronix allows to be appointed and oversee a team of other users, these managers have access to all information added by their team.

CRMronix Team Sharing

5.2 Team Sharing

Data entered by team members can be easily shared between users. All details can be viewed and updated by others increasing collaboration.

CRMronix Managing Teams

5.3 Managing Teams

Teams are created as easily as assigning them to the same manager. You can name teams or use the manager as the team name.


CRMronix provides a full Form Management System to generate forms with custom fields using an easy form creation wizard.

CRMronix Form Wizard

6.1 Form Wizard

Use the included Form Wizard to create the lead and contact forms for your CRM. Select the fields you want included and the form will be created for you.

CRMronix Joomla! Plugin

6.2 Joomla! Plugin

If you want the form displayed on your own website don't copy HTML, use the included shortcode and let the included plugin auto-add the form for you.

CRMronix Publish Anywhere

6.3 Publish Anywhere

Teams are created as easily as assigning them to the same manager. You can name teams or use the manager as the team name.


CRMronix provides an easy interface to generate custom reports and archive them for future access.

CRMronix Drag and Drop Fields

7.1 Drag and Drop Fields

It's easy to create a new report, you only have to drag and drop the fields to want to use and name your new report. Save it and run anywhere.

CRMronix Saved Reports

7.2 Saved Reports

CRMronix has several common reports already added which can be run with a single click. Save your own custom reports for easy reuse.

CRMronix Calculation Fields

7.3 Calculation Fields

Drag and drop existing fields to use in dynamic calculations. you can create various formulas you need which are unique to your business.


CRMronix is fully integrated with your newsletter system, easy subscribe your contacts to newsletter lists, see what emails they've viewed and trace the links they click.

CRMronix AcyMailing Integration

8.1 AcyMailing Integration

CRMronix integrates tightly with the wide spread joomla component AcyMailing to offer email newsletter functionality and list management.

CRMronix List Management

8.2 List Management

You can use the integrated Google turn by turn directions as well as a dynamic map view to find your leads, contacts and companies.

CRMronix Opens and Clicks

8.3 Opens and Clicks

CRMronix allows you to see email opens and link clicks that have occured within the newsletter extension directly within your CRM person view.


Your mail inbox is the center of your online life and your CRM too. With CRMronix you're able to link emails with no effort.

CRMronix Automated Integration

9.1 Automated Integration

CRMronix will attempt to automatically determine the lead or contact referenced by your email and associate the email as a note on their account.

CRMronix Manual Connection

9.2 Manual Connection

If the system cannot automatically make the association the emails appear privately on your dashboard to giveyou the option to manually associate them.

CRMronix Multiple Accounts

9.3 Multiple Accounts

You can send email to the CRM from multiple email addresses. Register all your accounts to have the system recognize your email automatically.


CRMronix supports team-based goals creation to rally your team. Encourage friendly competition to achieve better results.

CRMronix Multiple Goal Types

10.1 Multiple Goal Types

Create an unlimited number of goals in a variety of types based on the metrics you wish to capture. Create sales, progress, communications goals and more.

CRMronix Team & Individual Goals

10.2 Team & Individual Goals

Create goals for specific individuals as well as team and company wide goals help everyone see expected goals and progress.

CRMronix Leaderboards

10.3 Leaderboards

Encourage friendly competition between team members through the use of leaderboards configured to showcase who is performing the best.

11. Mobile CRM

As today's business is happening on the go! CRMronix provides a custom interface for mobile devices, tables, etc. Keep an eye on your business from anywhere!

CRMronix Mobile Interface

11. Mobile Interface

Find the parts of the system you need on your mobile device. CRMronix has all the key features in a friendly mobile ready interface.

CRMronix Turn by Turn Directions

11.2 Turn by Turn Directions

You can use the integrated Google turn by turn directions as wel as a dynamic map view to find your leads, contacts and companies.

CRMronix Integrated Functions

11.3 Integrated Functions

CRMronix integrates directly with your mobile device to provide easy native access to core functions with click-to-call phone numbersand email addresses. Joomla 3.3 Templates