CRMronix™ Benefits

Many entrepreneurs miss the real value of having a Customer Rlationship Management System (CRM) that organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support all in one place. Why you need a CRM is a question you must answer before you pay for such a system, here down listed are the top benefits of CRMronix™

CRMronix™ Features


Track your leads in one place.

Manage your leads quickly and efficiently with minimal page loads.
Increase and improve overall team member use.

Ajax Updating

Update leads quickly and efficiently, using AJAX technology right from the list screen. No page reloads.

CRMronix Ajax Updating

Filter Results Instantly

Select filters and page results will be automatically updated to reflect the current filter.

CRMronix Filter Results Instantly


Notes, Emails, Events and more.

Track all aspects of your contacts. Build, establish, and grow relationships.
notes, emails, conversations, appointments, and more.

Contact Overview

View all aspects of a contact from a single overview screen. Assign ownership, view current deals, see contact value.

CRMronix Contact Overview

Track Tasks

Assign tasks, events and other important items to a contact. View the history of a relationship.

CRMronix Track Tasks


Maximize sales potential

Organize deals associated with both your leads and company contacts.
View active and future deals.

List Deals

Similar to leads and contacts, deals can be directly edited from list view. Live filtering is also available.

CRMronix List Deals

Assign Probability

Give each deal a probability percentage to better define potentially successful deals.

CRMronix Assign Probability

Reports & Graphs

Visualize your information

Dynamic charts provide strong visual examples of company data.
Determine profitability in a matter of seconds.

Sales Dashboard

View multiple graphs and charts from the sales dashboard. Filter based on a variety of factors.

CRMronix Sales Dashboard

Detailed Reports

ROI Reports, and all types of custom reports can be generated and printed or exported.

CRMronix Detailed Reports


Your business, your data.

Your business is unique and you should capture what matters to you.
Track the stats that you want to track.

Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields as you need. Select the type of field you want and specify your options.

CRMronix Custom Fields

Custom Reports

Build and store reports by dragging and dropping fields. Include custom fields and calculations.

CRMronix Custom Reports


Meetings and tasks made easy.

Use personal and public calendars to track and share events or tasks.
Easily view shared events and upcoming meetings.

Tasks & Events

Add tasks and events to your calendar, share details with others. Associate with leads, contacts or deals.

CRMronix Tasks & Events

Recurring Events

Define events to repeat on your specific pattern. Select public or private status to share your events with others.

CRMronix Recurring Events


Define employee roles.

Assign users to their specific company role. Keep your data private.
Team members, managers and executives.

Unlimited Users

There are no restrictions on the number of users you can add. No per-seat pricing. Add users and assign their role.

CRMronix Unlimited Users


Managers have teams of users beneath them. Create a special team name or use the default..

CRMronix Managers


Bring your current information.

Migrate your existing data from other CRM's with one-click importing.
You have suffered long enough. Change is easy.

Sample Files

Use the provided sample files to ensure your data is structured best for importing.

CRMronix Unlimited Users

3 Steps

Only three steps to import your data, and the first two don't count. Upload your file and import your existing data.

CRMronix Managers


Find the answers you need fast.

Knowing where to look for answers is best when you know the answer is waiting.
Detailed documentation is available.


Run your business smoothly.

Investing in CRMronix is an investment in the long-term success of your business.
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