Customer Relationship Management

CRMronix is a web-based CRM that is integrated natively into your website, where you can control over your data, users and off course your business, a Customer Relations Management system that can be modified as much as you want. Even color schemes can tie natively with your website. You can have all this at only a fraction of the cost of other Customer Relationship Management Systems.

CRMronix™ Features CRMronix™ Benefits

What makes it different?

CRMronix offers a much better solution in terms of cost. It does not require any per month per seat fees of subscription that are usually required with other CRM solutions.

CRMronix is fully integrated with Joomla! web system. It’s totally on the web, which gives our CRM a huge advantage; it can be accessed from anywhere, does not require any special hardware, fully integrated with your website, and many other web advantages.

CRMronix offers a fully mobile responsive interface to easily follow leads, contacts, deals, and companies while on the go. This includes such features as: click-to-call phone numbers and turn by turn Google map directions.

CRMronix is a better solution than your typical software when it comes to data security. CRMronix allows you to host all of your information in your own website database. This puts you in a complete control over your data.

We provide all forms of support to our CRMronix, this includes written documentation and user guides, video tutorials and live support. Still you can pick one of our maintenance & support packages. Joomla 3.3 Templates