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10 Reasons why you need a CRM

Customer relation management (CRM) is a system that directs a company and clients interactions with each other. Once in a while it involves technology usage to organize, automate and synchronize the data concerning sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.
Before you start reading this list, you should keep in your mind that this list is not comprehensive which means that not all the reasons are mentioned but the ones that will make you realize the importance of CRM for your business and also the ones I have encountered in the past..

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10. Your Memory is not perfect

Be realistic your brain is not a flash drive or memory card that you can use to store a massive amount of information on it. Sure you will be able to keep up with 10, 20 or even 50 clients in your head but you will reach a stage in which you will lose track of them all and their associated tasks and events. Do you really want to limit your business because of this and stop yourself from expanding your business? That’s why you need CRM because it can store and manage thousands of clients and you don’t need to bother with the task of memory and recall any more.

9. Emails are decentralized

Don’t depend on your inbox to manage your emails that would be a sever mistake from your side because when the time come and you have a lot of clients and employees, it will be hard to find the sent mails and to keep a track of what was said to each client besides You will lose communication quickly and your team will be completely separated. CRM will put all the related dates of a client together in one specific location and can be easily updated and reviewed. You and your team will be able to communicate easily and share information with each other.

8. You need metrics

Metrics are a core method to your business growth and success Your time is more valuable than spending it in making metrics and charts with a high possibility of making mistakes. CRM will provide you with instant metrics on dozens of aspects of your business without any need for you to interfere. Although you can create custom reports to better metrics and reports specifically for your needs. They say friends forever, will you can count CRM in too.

7. Statuses are important

Which clients are ready for quick callback? Which prospects and clients were on hold and who was slightly interested in your services? Possessing this kind of knowledge would have helped your business and your sales strategies. In its most basic level, CRM will enable you to see those states. Whenever you make a call, send an email or contact that customer or prospect you can upgrade your CRM with their current status. In this way you will be able to review and see exactly where each client is in the sales process, let’s stop the guessing and wondering games.

6. History is important

If you want to look back and see everything on a specific contact, check the communication stream between you and customers and other members of your business then CRM will lend you a hand. You will able to take a quick look back in time and see the progression of a client and their communications as well as your company’s notes and responses. Now you can go and make a peace offering with that upset client

5. Competition helps business

You will feel bored and lazy if you’re going at it alone. It’s a healthy thing to have a competition with each other in which you try to prove that you are the best in this job. CRM has leader boards and goals to help you with that. As those leader boards and competition grow so does your business and it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

4. Never lose your data

If you depend on notepads, memo books and calendars for tracking your data there will be a high chance that you will lost it How about storing it on a laptop? It could be stolen or you could forget it somewhere. But CRM guarantees that your data will always be protected. Most clients are worried because CRM is a web-biased program, what will they do if the service crash or the hard drivers fail? No need to worry with a proper web host and data backups your data is safe. And also give you a complete freedom to choose the best web host and service provider and the beauty of it that you own your data.

3. Predict your future

Everyone want to take a glimpse of his future and searching for a way to know what to expect , will no need to search anymore CRM is here. Of course it cannot predict the future with 100% accuracy but can give you a calculated expectation of the future based on past performances and events. It analysis your history then process that information to give you a clear idea of what to come. Now you can fool your friend and tell them you are an oracle

2. Track your tasks and events

Calendars are important, even more important than emails with dates in them.it help you to keep up with every task you need to do and every event you should attend. CRM will not only manage your tasks and events but will relate them to the appropriate lead, contact, deal or company. You can also provide you with a quick overview of upcoming tasks and events across all your contacts. It will make your job more easily and fun to do.

1. Be organized

You may think that you can manage your business using emails , task management systems and calendar systems so why be bothered to have CRM ? If you want to achieve success you have to be organized and that’s exactly what CRM is offering you Managing and storing all you information in one exact place, organizing all of your tasks and events. I’m not saying that it is the perfect solution for all problems but it will sure help you reach your goals faster. Want to be successful then allow CRM to pave your path to it .

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